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The Playing Piano with Chord Bundle consists of 3 ebooks. One of them – Playing Piano with Chords – comes with audio and video content.

Additional information, taken from the back covers:


Playing Piano with Chords

Many songs in popular music are built around just a few chords. Explore and learn those chords and apply them to play pop, rock, blues, funk, neo soul and jazz. Take your piano playing to the next level and learn a wealth of tunes, chords and techniques in all styles!

You will learn:

  • How to use chords as building blocks for blues, rock, pop, funk, classical, jazz & neo soul
  • Easy ways to apply and voice chords and turn them into music
  • Tips and formulas to create your own chord progressions and songs in your style
  • Common chord types and voicings and how to apply them
  • Improvisation techniques for all styles

You will get:

  • Easy to read chord charts
  • 100+ audio tracks
  • Full songs for you to play with drum accompaniment and play-along tracks
  • Video content with sheet music and a virtual keyboard in all styles (80+ minutes)


Piano Shortcuts

  • Discover ways to master songs much faster and cut your practice time
  • Formulate your goals to focus your piano practice and turn them into easy steps
  • Tap into your imagination to learn faster
  • Express yourself at the piano
  • Understand the relationship between relaxation and speed
  • Make your piano practice more fun
  • Apply the latest discoveries in psychology and neuroscience to playing and practicing the piano

Piano Chord Charts

  • Easy to read Chord Charts and Scale Charts in all 12 Keys
  • Sheet Music
  • Fingerings for both Hands
  • Major, Minor, Pentatonic and Blues Scales
  • Major, Minor, Add9, Sus4, 6, Dom7, Maj7, Min7, 9 & Diminished Chords


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