Aspiring Piano Players: create songs for your loved ones!

Would you like to sit down at the piano and be able to play away? Would you like to learn the piano in a simple manner that saves you lots of time you could spend with your loved ones instead? Would you like to play them a song you created just for them?

Do you know the saying: Give a Man a Fish, and You Feed Him for a Day. Teach a Man To Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime? That is exactly what Playing Piano with Chords is about! Instead of just showing you some nice tunes and ways you can learn them, you will learn the exact ‘fishing tools’ you will need to learn, play and create most music out there: Chords are the building blocks of all songs, and through this book you will gain a thorough understanding of how to use them, unlocking your creativity and crafting completely original songs.

Would you like to know how to CUT YOUR PRACTICE TIME IN HALF while being more efficient?


Playing Piano with Chords will give you the tools to be able to read, play and create music much more easily and will boost your musicality! You will learn how to sit down at the piano and play ballad style, funky, jazzy or neo soul-ish. You will have a strong foundation for all the music you will learn and play in the future. By learning the secrets of applying chords the right way you can create beautiful music in your preferred style in minutes.

Playing Piano with Chords PLUS FREE BONUSES!

for Beginners and Intermediate Players

Sit down and play a song from a songbook in minutes

By breaking down a song into chords and melody you can use the simple formulas in this book to create a nice arrangement and play your own version of a song, matched to your level of playing.

Make a quantum leap in your understanding of music

Instead of just playing the sheet music in front of you, understand the very building blocks of music.

Follow one chord progression through different styles

Imagine learning a new piece of music with just four chords and understanding how some variations can make it either pop, rock, classical or even jazz. This will help your of music across all styles. Because most music is built around chords, this one concept will unlock countless songs for you.

Learn how to apply simple blues patterns in funk and jazz

Imagine learning a simple blues pattern, that you can then use to play funk or jazz-blues. Because blues is at the root of so many musical styles, understanding the essentials of a blues progression will give you the foundation to learn all these styles easily!

Learn how to create your own music

You might think that this is too difficult or the domain of some talented composers. That is not true! Playing Piano with Chords demystifies the circle of 5ths, chord progressions and songwriting. With just one formula you can create your own music right away!

Playing Piano with Chords is jam-packed with DOZENS OF VALUABLE TIPS AND FORMULAS I wish I would have known when I started learning the piano. There are 112 MUSICAL EXAMPLES AND TUNES that you can listen to as AUDIO TRACKS or watch as VIDEOS with sheet music and a virtual piano keyboard. They are built up step by step so you can follow along easily. In addition to that you have 20 PLAY-ALONG TRACKS, which you can use to practice with DRUMS OR A BAND or to accompany your own musical ideas!

It surely is not the one book that will teach you everything you need to know about playing the piano, but if you want to cut your learning time by understanding and applying chords, learning the basic rules of music in different styles, getting a better understanding of any music that you play and learning dozens of simple formulas to create your own tunes and play your own solos, then Playing Piano with Chords is a must read for you!

Why a book – isn’t that outdated? While videos might be more convenient for quick learning (and that is exactly why there are videos with a virtual piano keyboard for all musical examples of the book), there is nothing as good as a book if you want to go back to re-check something, get a quick overview, work with it consistently or use it as a reference. That is why all the essential piano knowledge contained in Playing Piano with Chords was written in a very readable style, enhanced with musial notation and easy to read chord charts for every new chord or scale you will learneverything is in one place – easy to find and simple to grasp!

See what our customers say:

“With so many apps and websites out there claiming to teach me the piano, I felt overwhelmed and found they only took me so far. But this book captures it all – the chords, how to improvise, how to play different music styles – even the psychology! Love it. Would definitely recommend it to piano players of all skills.”
Kalinda Atkinson
Piano Beginner
“This book is just great: Simply explained yet utterly effective, this book gave me significant insights into chord progessions, harmony and composing techniques. I can only recommend it!”
Maurizio Bergmann
Sound Designer

With Playing Piano with Chords

you will be able to read, play and create music much more easily and will boost your musicality by understanding chords

you will learn to sit down at the piano and play ballad style, funky, jazzy or neo soul-ish

you will have a strong foundation for all the music you will learn and play in the future

you will learn the tools to create beautiful music in your preferred style in minutes

you will have a great understanding of music and songs in general (how do they work, how they are built, etc.)

you will learn to play cool solos over different styles

you will learn to create beautiful songs for yourself or your loved ones

you will learn to play cool blues progressions and blues licks

you will start with some beautiful jazz improvisation

Audio files and Play-Alongs

100+ audio files and professional backing tracks will help you to simplify your learning, by showing you how each example should sound before you learn it. The jam tracks give you the opportunity to play and practice with great fun, even your own music!

Video Files with Virtual Keyboard and Sheet Music

80+ minutes of video content with a virtual keyboard and sheet music played back in real time will help you find the right keys whilst you read the sheet music. This will simplify simplify your learning even more, giving you an easy to use reference to where you need to place your fingers for each note you play.

Create your own Songs

Not only will you learn how to play different music styles on the piano, but you will also learn how to create your very own tunes. You can start writing beautiful music for yourself, your loved ones, or your band!

Chord Charts for Visual Learning

Chord charts for each new chord you encounter will help you learn the chords, scales and musical examples in the book. Using the chord charts you will learn to play songs without needing sheet music. This makes learning easy and fun! You won't have to rely on sheet music but will have many visual clues for each learning step and each new chord!

If you order now you will get these two SPECIAL BONUSES:

Piano Shortcuts

An entire ebook dedicated to playing techniques and tips to make your piano practice more efficient and more fun by

  • Discovering ways to master songs much faster and cut your practice time

  • Formulating your goals to focus your piano practice and turn them into easy steps

  • Tapping into your imagination to learn faster

  • Expressing yourself better at the piano

  • Understanding the relationship between relaxation and speed

  • Applying the latest discoveries in psychology and neuroscience to playing and practicing the piano

Piano Chord Charts 

Are you tired of looking up chords and scales when you need them? In Piano Chord Charts you have all the most important chords and scales at a glance – in all 12 keys! All scales and chords come as sheet music as well as chord charts for each key. Finding chords and scales has never been easier! Look up your

  • Major, Minor, Pentatonic and Blues Scales

  • Major, Minor, Add9, Sus4, 6, Dom7, Maj7, Min7, 9 & Diminished Chords

 – all with fingerings for both hands, chord charts and sheet music!

That’s 144 Chords plus 60 Scales!

With Playing Piano with Chords you have all the essentials in one place so you don’t have spend months wrangling these secrets out of the piano teachers sitting next to you!

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on piano lessons to get these tips & tricks, you only have to invest the money for 1-2 piano lessons.

Playing Piano with Chords PLUS FREE BONUSES!

If you order now you will get

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Piano ShortcutsEbook PDF, 67 pagesFilesize 14.9 MB $ 27 Value
Piano Chord ChartsEbook PDF, 31 pagesFilesize 11.7 MB $ 23 Value

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