Blues Beginnings

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One way to make the basic piano blues sound more interesting and musical, is to start with a beginning before you play your repeated 12 bar blues scheme. Below are two blues beginning examples in the key of F which you can try and practice.

Both examples are using notes of the F blues scale.

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Blues with Seventh Chords

To enhance the basic blues, you can play seventh chords instead of just major triads. Dominant seventh chords are an essential ingredient to blues, gospel or jazz. To do this, the minor seventh is added to the notes [...]  read more

Blues Licks and Soloing

To be able to play blues licks is a great skill to have as a piano player. Or even better, to be able to come up with original licks on the spot. The blues scale is quite simple to learn, and is a great scale to use for improvisation and soloing. [...]  read more