Funk Riff 2

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Having a bassline in place makes it easy to turn the groove into a funk riff. While the rhythm section in a funk band creates the foundation of a groove, guitars, keyboards or horn players usually play just short attacks – chords or melody notes – to give the tune its characteristic style.

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Blues Soloing

In addition to playing blues licks, being able to apply the blues scale and play it fluently over a left-hand pattern is essential for your blues piano soloing.

The blues scale on the piano

As a first step, familiarize yourself with the blues scale. It consists of the root, minor third, fourth, sharp fourth (or flatted fifth), fifth and minor seventh of any given key. Another way to memorize the blues scale is to play a minor seventh chord and add the fourth and sharp fourth.

Here are the notes of the blues scale in the key of F.

F Blues Scale (Piano)

The F Blues Scale

F Blues Scale for Piano

The blue note in soloing

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