Minor Seventh Chords

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The next member in the family of seventh chords are minor chords which also include the flatted seventh of the respective key, thus consisting of the root, minor third, fifth (the minor triad) and flatted seventh. Just as for the dominant seventh chord, you can find the flatted seventh by moving down two half steps from the root. In the key of C the flatted seventh is B♭ (two half steps down from C), in the key of F it is E♭ and in the key of G it is F and so on.

Minor Seventh Chords (with the seventh marked in blue)
C minor 7
F minor 7
G minor 7

Minor Seventh chords can be found a lot in jazz, where their most frequent appearance is as the first chord of the 2 – 5 – 1 progression. They are also used in minor blues songs or in funk music.

The following example gives you a feeling of the beautiful quality of minor seventh chords played in a slow progression moving from Cmin7 to Fmin7 and Gmin7.

The Gm7 and Fm7 chords are played as inversions to achieve a better voice leading.

   Fm7 and Gm7 inverted
Fm7 (2nd inversion)
Gm7 (2nd inversion)